Where is this??? I want to live in a magical land where ponies ride in cars!


It might not be her fault she's a dwarf,but it's definetely her she's getting fucked by a bull.
YEEEEEEEEES! OH FUCK YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! You have no idea how many years I have been combing the fucking internet looking for a video of a bull fucking a midget, and here it is!!!!!


this girl makes me wanna eat my insides.
I personally blame his parents for not beating him enough, if at all. I wonder if his mom ever cries herself to sleep knowing that she could have just aborted him all those years ago, and chose not to. If I ever have a son that wants to take up tap dancing, you can bet your ass that he's getting hit with a garden hose repeatedly, and then being locked in a pet carrier until he gets hungry enough to gnaw through the bars.
i will microwave cats until the end of time
rofl pray fer me and danae we're gonna have loads of nightymares jesus save us okay don't be rude and if she or he comes while we sleep we're just gonna tap dance with it until it says we're good.


i am no chilean and neither canadian but if i see you in the street one day i am going to kick your ass mother fucker and going after you friends an family later pice of shit you better run because i have your ip and all your info piece of shit...